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  • CT-200

    $1,350 Excl. VAT Banking Add to cart
  • Hitachi iHunter iH-210

    $5,200 Excl. VAT Banking Add to cart

    iH-210 is advanced banknote processing machine with maximized efficiency technology with 3 pockets banknote sorter.

  • Hitachi iHunter IH-110: The #1 Money Counter in Lebanon

    $2,000 Excl. VAT Banking Add to cart

    High-speed Image processing technologies

    • Full-color dual CIS sensor / Can be scanned ten different images
    • Capture and Record OCR, MICR, and Barcode / Deposit full-color image
    • Can be installed in more than 40 currencies / Mix & Multi-currency mode

    Advanced sensor technologies

    • Equipped with a range of counterfeit detection technologies
    • Reliable fitness sorting / Excellent tape detection performance

    User-Friendly System

    • Two teller user mode indicator / Multi-user mode / Full-color touchscreen
    • Easy operation, Simple maintenance

    Remote monitoring & management system

    • Related solution: Smart Integration Manager (SIM)
  • Hitachi MS-4200: Best Money Counter in lebanon

    Call for Price Banking

    MS-4200 is a fast, reliable, precise, and multi-functional sorter that provides a broad selection of options. It is an ideal choice for back office in banks and cash-in-transit(CIT), as well as casinos and retails.

  • Hitachi ST-150NF

    Call for Price Banking

    Introducing the Hitachi ST-150NF Money Counter with Fitness Sorting: Elevate your currency management with precision and efficiency. This advanced money counter is a game-changer, seamlessly blending state-of-the-art technology with fitness sorting capabilities. Experience rapid and accurate counting, while effortlessly ensuring the integrity of your banknotes. With the added advantage of fitness sorting, the ST-150NF not only counts your money but also assesses each note’s condition, detecting potential issues like tears and folds. Stay in control of your cash flow like never before, with the Hitachi ST-150NF – where speed, accuracy, and fitness sorting converge for unparalleled financial control.

  • iCash Single Pocket

    $750 Excl. VAT Banking Add to cart

    The TBS iCash Currency Counter/Discriminator offers outstanding performance at rock bottom price to quality ratio.

    iCash is fast, accurate, and easy to use.

    Serial Number printing is standard, and with up to 10 currencies, iCash has you covered.

  • iCount

    $150 Excl. VAT Banking Add to cart

    The TBS iCount is a fast, reliable, and convenient Value counter for large cash-handling businesses that require value LBP Counting. iCount supports counting mixed denominations of 5k,10k,20k,50k, and 100k LBP notes all mixed together and showing the total value on screen.
    Easily guarantee no-mistake counts to keep your books in check.
    Say goodbye to piece counting and manual calculations.

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