Exclusive Distributor
of Hitachi
Exclusive Distributors
of Hitachi
Exclusive Distributor
of Akuvox, the Leading Smart Intercom Innovator
Exclusive Distributor
of Akuvox, the Leading Smart Intercom Innovator
FANVIL XU Series Enterprise IP Phones
FANVIL XU Series Enterprise IP Phones


The standards of today's higher technology.

In a world that demands an unparalleled match of security and office needs, we introduce Techtrade Business Systems, showcasing a wide range of products and services that meet today’s higher technology standards.

Tech trade Business Systems employees still preserve the tradition of their 35 years old parent company and continue to serve as core contributors to our success by holding the world out a statement: Customer Satisfaction.

our solutions

Your Protection, Our Duty

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Banking Solutions

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Security & Home Automation

Security & Home Automation

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SIP Communications

SIP Communications

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Office Equipment

Office Equipment

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Top Selling Money Counters in Lebanon

Don't risk losses from fake bills. Techtrade Business Systems provides advanced money counters with the latest counterfeit detection technology for maximum security.

Our Clients

Testimonials from our clients


Wissam El Hajj

IT Manager

TECHTRADE Business Systems is one of the most professional and ethical companies I have worked with in security field.

The high level of customer service the company provides is second-to-none.

I would have no hesitation in recommending TECHTRADE if you are a business or just looking to protect your assets.

TECHTRADE personnel’s awareness to detail and excellent industry knowledge ensure your security requirements
are in extremely capable hands and will be professionally attended to in a timely and efficient manner.


Jad Chemaly

Human Resources Services Manager

During the past years our company has been working with Techtrade on numerous supplies .

We are extremely satisfied on different levels starting with service quality ending with outstanding customer service.

Switch Group, Atalian

Nicolas Mansour

Supply Chain Manager

The partnership between Atalian Switch Group and Techtrade accomplished several projects
and overlooked important assets from maintenance to contracting.
Our Business relation, always bases on Transparency and in times both companies
worked shoulder to shoulder to win tenders and for the same big Aim “ Growth”.
Until this moment this partnership is still on going, and we see in Techtrade clarity of work
that we rarely see in the market nowadays.”

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