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  • A01

    $250 Excl. VAT Access Control Add to cart

    Smart, Compact, and Stylish Access Control Terminal

    A01 is an IP-based access control terminal that combines door controller and card reader in one device. It supports RFID cards and mobile access via NFC, offering users flexibility in credential options.

  • A02S

    $280 Excl. VAT Access Control Add to cart

    Smart, Compact, and Stylish Access Control Terminal

    A02 is an IP-based access control terminal that combines door controller and card reader in one device. It supports PIN codes, RFID cards, and mobile access via NFC, offering users flexibility in credentials options.

  • A05C

    $420 Excl. VAT Access Control Add to cart

    Smart Access Control for Modern Buildings

    A05 is a commercial-grade access control terminal, which offers fast, safe and convenient access control via AI-powered face recognition, mobile app, NFC, or QR codes. It is typically used in commercial and residential applications.

  • A094S

    $600 Excl. VAT Access Control Add to cart

    Smart and Stylish 4 Door Controller

    Akuvox A094 is an intelligent access controller housed in a stylish SGCC cabinet. It provides the advantages of access control of two doors over a centralized system. Supporting standalone and networked deployment, it can be applied to projects of various scales.

  • C2 Slim

    $325 Excl. VAT Access Control Add to cart

    C2 Slim is the most compact access control device controller suitable for installation on door frames. It is combined with biometric fingerprints and RFID Cards for higher security requirements. Management with master cards can register or delete users under an offline state. The PoE TCP/IP communication will provide more convenience for your project.


    • Arm9 High-Speed Processor Stable and reliable.
    • IP65, Linux3000 Fingerprints, 200,000 Records.
    • Touch Active Wakeup Sensor.
    • Door Open Sensor.
    • RS485, TCP/IP(PoE), Wiegand In/Out.
    • Direct Lock Control, Group, Time Zone, Scheduled Bell, Doorbell & Relay Out, Standard with EM card, Tamper Alarm, FP, Card, FP+Card, Optional Mifare Card.
  • EC33

    Call for Price Access Control

    Elevator Controller
    Relay Output:32
    Card Reader: Support wiegand 26/34
    Storage: 20,000 cards & 100,000 logs
    Expansion: Support to connect one expansion panel to reach 64 output
    Communication: TCP/IP,RS485
    Support working with Akuvox indoor monitor for remote elevator calling function

  • Face Pass 7

    $550 Excl. VAT Access Control Add to cart

    FacePass 7 flagship face recognition product launched by Anviz, based on a new infrared technology design, using the world’s leading BioNANO core algorithm, with a powerful processor and hardware computing platform, face detection, identification, and event real-time push can be easily implemented. It can realize accurate facial recognition in various environments.


    • Dual 1.0Ghz High-Speed Processor
    • Dual Cameras
    • 3,000 Users, 100,000 Records
    • 3.2″ Touch Screen TFT LCD
    • USB Host, TCP/IP, WIFI and Optional 4G
    • Voice and LED Prompt
    • Body Induction, Day/Night Switch
    • Relay output Wiegand output,32 timezone and 16 groups
    • Door Sensor and an Exit button
    • Scheduled Bell, Tamper Alarm
    • Inbuilt Webserver
    • Standard EM RFID
    • DC 12V
  • M3PRO (Outdoor Metal RFID)

    $300 Excl. VAT Access Control Add to cart

    M3 Pro is a metal casing, IP65 water-proof access control device, It supports a 13.56MHZ Mifare card and 125KHZ EM card dual frequency RFID module. The touch backlit keypad gives the best user experience, M3 pro also supports TCP/IP and RS485 communication and web server function to realize easy self-management. The optional WIFI and Bluetooth function can realize flexible applications and near-field mobile phone magic shake opening. The easy cloud application is also compatible with M3 pro


    • 1GHZ High-Speed CPU, Stable and reliable.
    • Keypad registration.
    • Compact Design.
    • 10,000 cards, 200,000 Records.
    • Touch Backlight Keypad.
    • TCP/IP, RS485.
    • Tamper alarm USB Device.
    • Direct Lock Control.
    • Door Open Sensor.
    • Wiegand Out.
    • Card, PW, IP65, Standard EM card & Mifare Card
  • M5PRO

    $375 Excl. VAT Access Control Add to cart

    M5 Pro by ANVIZ is a compact access control device that is designed to fit most door frames. With IP65 water-proof design, the metal casing makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. M5 Pro supports 125kHz Optional Mifare cards and fingerprint identification.


    • ST Microelectronics® 32-Bit High-Speed CPU.
    • Stable and reliable.
    • Management Card Registration.
    • Compact Design.
    • 5000 Fingerprints, 50000 Records.
    • Auto Wakeup Sensor.
    • Multiple communication modes such as TCP/IP, RS485, and Wiegand Out.
    • Direct Lock Control.
    • Tamper alarm output.
    • FP, Card, IP65, Standard EM RFID.
  • SC011

    $125 Excl. VAT Access Control Add to cart

    SC011 is a simple, secure, and cost-effective access controller with a high-security level. SC011 doesn’t require any software, which makes it extremely easy to use. SC011 only accepts encrypted Wiegand signals by Anviz to ensure a high-security level. Furthermore, its anti-thunder, anti-static electricity, and short-circuit protection function make SC011 outstanding among similar products.


    • ANVIZ Encrypted Wiegand Input.
    • 12V/3A Input.
    • Touch button Input.
    • 1 Direct Lock Control Out.
    • Switched Dry Contact Relay Output.
    • Easily integrated with the access control system, no need for PC Software
  • SR01

    $100 Excl. VAT Access Control Add to cart

    Enhance Building Security at a Minimum Cost

    SR01 is a small accessory that improves the security of doors controlled by Akuvox’s door phones. It ensures that the door remains securely locked, even if the door phone is dismounted or vandalized.

  • T5S (Slave Reader)

    $160 Excl. VAT Access Control Add to cart

    T5S is an innovative fingerprint card reader which fully integrates fingerprint and RFID technology. The very compact design makes it suitable for installation on doorframes. T5S has standard RS485 output to connect with ANVIZ whole access control products to be a dispersed type access control system.T5S can easily update the existing card readers for the higher security level of fingerprint and card.


    • ST Microelectronics® 32-Bit High-Speed CPU.
    • Stable and reliable Compact Design.
    • BioNANO fingerprint algorithm.
    • Infrared Auto Wakeup Sensor.
    • RS485, FP, Card, IP54.
    • Optional EM RFID, Mifare Card.
  • U Bio Reader

    $130 Excl. VAT Access Control Add to cart

    U-Bio is a USB fingerprint reader designed for use with Anviz fingerprint terminals or software. U-Bio fingerprint reader utilizes an optical fingerprint scanner which alpha pharma is scratch-proof and durable.


    • 32-Bit High-Speed CPU
    • Stable and reliable
    • Unique low-power consumption design
    • BioNANO core fingerprint algorithm
    • Anviz Optical Fingerprint Sensor
    • Accurate Image Capture and Good Anti-interference
    • Fingerprint Image of No-distortion
  • U1000 & U2000

    Call for Price Access Control

    U1000 and U2000 are long-distance RFID access control machines that integrate functions of UHF readers and controllers. Compared with UHF readers, they increase access control functions and support TCP/IP communication, Wiegand in/out, two relays, 3rd party electric lock, a door sensor, exit button, which enable easy installation and convenient use.
    The machines also support ZKAccess 3.5 and ZKBioSecurity 3.0 software. They have obtained IP66 protection level certification and are suitable for outdoor use. With outstanding long-distance identification capability, the machines can be used in many applications including long-distance fixed vehicle access management, long-distance access control management, and long-distance pedestrian access management.

  • X912S

    Call for Price Door Phones


    Vandal-resistant Door Phone for High-end Buildings

    Offering top-of-the-line features, Akuvox X912 is targeted at high-end residential and commercial projects. With a compact size, it is perfect for buildings with limited installation space.

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