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  • iCash Single Pocket

    $750 Excl. VAT Banking Add to cart

    The TBS iCash Currency Counter/Discriminator offers outstanding performance at rock bottom price to quality ratio.

    iCash is fast, accurate, and easy to use.

    Serial Number printing is standard, and with up to 10 currencies, iCash has you covered.

  • iCount

    $150 Excl. VAT Banking Add to cart

    The TBS iCount is a fast, reliable, and convenient Value counter for large cash-handling businesses that require value LBP Counting. iCount supports counting mixed denominations of 5k,10k,20k,50k, and 100k LBP notes all mixed together and showing the total value on screen.
    Easily guarantee no-mistake counts to keep your books in check.
    Say goodbye to piece counting and manual calculations.

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