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  • DMCL05

    Call for Price Security Systems

    CONVENTIONAL MANUAL CALL POINT resettable with a key without breaking glass led and alarm resistor integrated, RED color, EN54-11, CE according to CPD


    • CE certified according to CPD
    • Conform with the norm EN54-11
    • Key for reset
    • The separate key for test
    • No broken glass
    • Red color for Alarm status
    • Yellow color for extinguishing command
    • Blue color for Extinguishing abort
  • DSF 2000-RR

    Call for Price Fire Alarm

    CONVENTIONAL sounder + flash (red flash + red box);

    3 different sounds, 97dB, low current consumption, IP21C, EN54-3, EN54-23, CE according to CPD/CPR (exist also in white flash), base included


    • Ceiling: up to 3m height – 8 m diameter
    • Wall: up to 2,4 m height- 4,2m
    • depth/width
    • Flash Red color
    • IP21C
    • Ceiling or wall mounting
    • 3 different sounds
    • 97 dB Sound Power@1m
  • OC05

    Call for Price Conventional Systems

    CONVENTIONAL OPTICAL SMOKE DETECTOR, 1 remote led output, EN54-7 , CE according to CPD/CPR


    • Photoelectric scattering (Tyndall effect)
    • 1 remote alarm indicator output
    • Lockable
    • Standard EN54-7
    • Cable section max 2,5mm²
    • 12V version
  • S05SE

    Call for Price Security Systems

    UNIVERSAL BASE WITH STICK ADDRESS SOCKET for 05-range conventional and addressable detectors



SD³ offers a complete range of fire detection products dedicated to :
Installers specialized in security systems / Distributors with technical assistance / Security systems manufacturers

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