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Multi-Currency Detector


  • High accuracy and complex inspection:
    Magnetism, infrared, paper quality, spectrum, optics etc.
  • Recognize currency and denomination automatically.
  • Euro can be fed in all 4 orientations at an arbitrary position, US bills and other currencies must be inserted on four sides near right edge.
  • Up to 6 of following currency detected at same time:
    USD, Euro, Russian Ruble, Canadian Dollar, Japanese Yen, GBP, Poland Zloty
    Sweden Krona,Turkish Lira, Norway Krone, Danish krone, South African Rand etc.
  • Built-in rechargeable
    Lithium battery (optional) for portable usage.
  • Upgrade the software via USB cable and Micro SD card.
  • The passing passage can be opened, easy to clean the sensors inside.


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Multi-Currency Detector

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