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Holographic Displays

Techtrade holds pride in being the first company in Lebanon to introduce a new era of digital marketing of the kind.
We have partnered up with RealFiction Aps. Denmark and vowed to provide you with an unparalleled presentation that will leave you astonished.
Since launching the phenomenally successful Dreamoc and setting the standard for holograhic video displays, Realfiction has been able to leverage its leading-edge display technology, growing software package and high-end clients. Today, Realfiction is widely recognized as a global leader for product innovation in the 3D/Holographic display segment, offering consumers a complete HD visual entertainment experience through Realfiction hardware, and strong partnerships with the creative services supplied by worldwide super-users of Dreamoc systems.
Realfiction strives for every product to be a sensory feast for the consumer.
“Extend your brand message beyond the borders of ordinary communications and marketing channels and reach for the future brand engagement.”